Brand New Year, Brand New Friend

I’ve made a brand new friend for 2016.  We like the same books. She finds me hilarious. She’s attractive, though not in that aching way that puts people off their dinners. Flaws? Well, I have to admit she’s imaginary – is that so very wrong? I’m still glad I made her.

Document Storage: an options appraisal

They had two different approaches to document storage.  Ridiculously, she wanted just one current version of each document stored in one place on the system, whereas he knew the only reliable way to find a document quickly was to have a number of subtly different versions stored at various locations.

On the Versatility of Clothing

Sometimes I remove articles of clothing and it makes things loads better. Then, other times, I can put some articles of clothing on and I feel so much happier. But mostly I just leave articles of clothing where they are. That works too. Clothing is just so versatile that way.

I’m thinking my cat might be more of a political animal

I told my cat some jokes.  Heard about the three mice?  Nothing.  Or how about the cat living life on the edge who went flat out on the Midlands Expressway?  Not a whisker twitch.  I’ve had it with her.  She never laughs.  Plus she always eats with her mouth open.

Deleted Scenes from a Life Unlived

Ah, so that’s where we never sat.  Look, there’s that wine you didn’t order.  And there’s the slender hand you never tabled, ungrasped.  Presumably those must be the words I never used to convey my habit of slipping unnoticed through key moments of my own life.  Why I couldn’t say.

Four Stages of Missing You at Christmas

I missed you at first though not by much.  Then I missed you badly with very little skill. Later I missed you wildly through lack of attention. And now it turns out I’m missing you loads: I’m talking larger than a bewildered turkey, though maybe smaller than a gifted pony.