Whenever they took her out they claimed back any expenses.  They claimed for meals; they claimed for gifts they gave her; they even claimed back the cost of the flowers they bought for her room.  They claimed to be her concerned children though we were starting to have our doubts.


5 thoughts on “Claiming

  1. Such a truism. Having worked in mental health aged care for many years, I witnessed a lot of the uglier side of family relationships. I recall many who had spent most of their lives in institutional care. One had been incarcerated since her early twenties because she had a child out of wedlock. There was no record of what happened to her baby. Entries in the casenotes were an annual summary “remains the same” or even shorter “ISQ” (in status quo). At age 90 she had learnt to be mad. No-one ever visited her. Thank goodness that era is over!

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  2. Harrowing and thought-provoking comment – thanks. Sadly, I’m not convinced we’re out of the woods yet but I’m sure you’re right that we’re heading in the right direction (as long as the funding holds up of course)….


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