The Power of Narrative

I accidentally locked myself inside a box one evening.  I tried calling for assistance, but hello didn’t work; help didn’t work.  Everyone just kept on walking.  You have to tell them more; you have to explain why you’re stuck, as concisely as possible. Only then will anyone stop to help.


6 thoughts on “The Power of Narrative

    1. Oh I’m sorry – it’s actually prompted by a rather stupid event when I locked myself in an office corridor without a mobile phone. It turns out people passing by won’t stop unless you explain the problem quite quickly…but then I started thinking that’s perhaps more generally applicable, hence this little story. Anyway, I hope your brain recovers soon (if that’s what you want!)….

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      1. It was messed up in a good way and this just turned it to highly amused mode. Your stupid event sounds very funny, though maybe not so at the time!


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