Albert learns he’s scared of looking up

Albert used to be scared of heights.  So he simply avoided tall buildings and bridges.  That was easy.  But now he’s frightened whenever he looks up.  He pictures himself rising inexorably through the exosphere and floating off to hostile environments where no-one cares what he’s doing or where he’s going.


7 thoughts on “Albert learns he’s scared of looking up

  1. Ok so seriously, my roommate in college would have what we dubbed “daymares”. We’d be walking down some steps and she’d gasp and stop because she saw herself falling down and breaking a leg. She never was really scared. It was all over active imagination and we laughed about it. Your post reminded me of it.

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  2. Reminds me of a childhood dream I had where I floated up and up, unable to stop myself until I could see over the edge of the Earth, and there was nothing but endless sky..really terrifying. Cheers.


    1. Ah – sounds like it’s re-traumatized you. Er, sorry about that! I think there are good remedies available now for anti-vertigo. Over Christmas, for example, I’ve tried fattening myself up to reduce the chances of it happening to me…..

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