Up on the Roof

To ballast the loose things in my head and get away from the others in my flat I’d sometimes go up onto the roof.  Across those noisy London streets I could only just make you out, up over there, equally alone on your equally flat roof.  Perhaps it would have been good to meet and laugh and exchange a special look but I never did work out who you were or where you lived.

And now, I’ve come to think that being vague and distant remained your greatest strengths: perfect for the pointing out of amusingly-shaped clouds, the Etch a Sketch jet trails in the sky and some embarrassing waving over and above the traffic.  This was the closest we could ever get, I now realise, to singing a horse with no name at the top of our voices outside a fetching café in an unspecified European city.


7 thoughts on “Up on the Roof

  1. Ok, I’m going to be serious for a moment (don’t look so shocked). First off, I love and dream of London like a kid that got swapped at birth dreams of their biological parents. This post is as if you took everything I adore and put it in a shiny box with a bow of my favorite color. I sneak off to that alone spot all the time and here you’ve given me someone to wave to. And perhaps, yes, it would be great to meet but sharing roof space from miles away is kind of our thing. Don’t want to mess that up. It’s funny how even when we want to be alone, we still crave a little company. Therefore, a little wave is just perfect.


      1. I’ll try my hardest. Hold me to it. You should ask me at the end of every comment you make whether I’ve written anything. That way, I will feel the pressure to be able to say yes.

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