Cold Water and the Music Student

She painstakingly explains her detailed plans to improve the world to the careers officer; how she could combine getting a decent tan with achieving universal ethical acclaim.  But she can’t convince this patronising box-ticker.   Surprisingly, he explains, there’s little demand for teaching small African children how to clap complicated rhythms.


7 thoughts on “Cold Water and the Music Student

  1. Yikes sorry – didn’t mean to be so elusive! The way I read it is she’s a bit vain and arrogant, and he’s a bit fed up with students being vain and arrogant and assuming the world is waiting for their arrival so he allows himself a touch of sarcasm, just to relieve his boredom and mild irritation …..but I might well be wrong! It’s also possibly a bit of a worry that my analysis is longer than the story itself…..

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