The Dead Dog and the Suitcase (a morality tale in four very brief scenes)


An elderly gentleman decides to take his aging dog for a one last walk around central London, for old time’s sake. They take the tube and head for Green Park. At first this all seems like a great idea, a bit of an adventure for them both, but then his dog only goes and dies in the middle of the park.


Well this is very distressing. And what to do with his dead dog? He can’t just leave it there. So he manages to carry the surprisingly heavy dog to the side of the park, laying it beneath a bush where it’s less conspicuous.  Then he rushes off to buy a suitcase in a nearby department store.  Upon his return, he carefully lifts the dog’s body into the case and heads for home.


Feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted by all the carrying and rushing about, the elderly gentleman falls asleep on the tube, enabling someone mean-spirited to steal his suitcase.


The elderly gentleman’s upset of course. After all, he’s just lost his dog, twice in a way. But his grief is softened just a little by a recurring image of the thief’s face upon opening up the heavily laden suitcase.


10 thoughts on “The Dead Dog and the Suitcase (a morality tale in four very brief scenes)

  1. This reminds me of the time I had a bunch of gospel records stolen from me (can’t say I listen to much gospel now) and I thought it was hilarious because what kind of thief steals Jesus music, ha!

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  2. Ha indeed! My car was broken into last year – well, mostly because I actually left it open – and whoever sat in my car that night went through my CDs picking out good ones and leaving the rest. I was quite offended by some of the ones they left behind…..

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    1. Some thieves broke into our house at the beach. They must have been setting up house because they took food, vegetable bins, shampoo and condition and 10 of the 11 CDs that were there. My daughters rolled on the floor telling the cop that all the CDs had gone except Lionel Ritchie. Bless that man, who said without a pause, ‘They must have already had it.’

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  3. And then there was the time thieves broke into the flat I shared in a ramshackle old house. They emptied our booze cupboard, and raided our LPs. (Yes, it was that long ago.) A cop took a look around our living room and said, “My God, what a mess they made!” To which we replied, “No, it always looks like this by Friday. We tidy up at the weekends.”

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