Wine Talking (again)

While they waited for her turn to come up on the karaoke, she gulped down her wine and told him exactly how she felt. How she’d always sensed a profound connection between them; how she’d dreamt about him since the day he’d joined the team; how they should go shopping this very weekend because she knew exactly the clothes that would look best on him.  Oh how she loved his Facebook page.  And his blog!  He had such a way with words.  His photography was simply amazing!

Well, this was a shock.  Had he somehow invited this?  Had he misled her in some way?  He filled his cheeks with air in the hope that a response both honest and compassionate would emerge from his mouth.  He was still working out what to say when her turn to sing came up.

But here’s the thing.  She didn’t actually sing a note.  She didn’t even try.  She just stood there, cupping the microphone in both hands, staring up at the words on the screen, line after line after line.


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