The City of Failed Connections

I’m growing sick of the city. It’s one thing not to connect with anyone when surrounded by fields. No-one popped in this evening? Well, I could argue, that’s hardly surprising when there’s no-one living anywhere near me.  But here in the city I’m chastised by failed connections at every turn.


11 thoughts on “The City of Failed Connections

    1. Don’t worry: this is just verbal doodling – I don’t really do confession anymore (I am very very lapsed Catholic). It is strange, though, to be surrounded by strangers most of the time….in terms of our species it’s quite a new development I reckon….

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      1. It’s probably not how we were meant to be. I think we’d be happier in multi generational groups of fifty or so. I have a political party you’re very welcome to join. It’s called….well, I haven’t thought of that detail yet….but don’t let that stop you!

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