And on the third day

Tragically, we found our cat dead in the garden. So we buried him beneath the pear tree, covering him with a stone. But then, two days later, our cat returned. There are only two options, I deduced.  Either we buried someone else’s cat. Or we’re dealing with the cat messiah.


24 thoughts on “And on the third day

  1. Poor little puss! What if it’s zombie cat?! This reminded me of a picture I saw yesterday : Schroedinger’s Jesus – until you open the tomb, he is both alive AND dead… Happy Easter 🙂


      1. Phew, well that’s a relief – I’d forgotten you had a hotline to him. It’s been a while since my last confession so I’ll happily say as many Our Fathers as he recommends to make up for my post….

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      1. Well I’m just trying to explain that to the officer….he’s not convinced….for some reason, the police over here can be very picky when it comes to using specific words to kill birds at random in an attempt to bring your dead cat back to life….

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