Nobody Calls (#2)

We were pretending we were happy that spring, but she hated teaching and she hated me even more for doing nothing. And then one night someone climbed up onto our flat roof.

“Listen,” she said, sitting up in bed and pointing at the ceiling. “What the hell’s that?”

“A bird?” I whispered.

“Some bird!” she said. “You need to go and investigate.”

I lay there, terrified, listening to the heavy footsteps above. I should probably explain at this point that I’ve never been the bravest.

“Well there’s really no need,” I said. “I’d recognize that sound anywhere. That,” I said, rolling over to feign sleep, “is most definitely nobody.”


19 thoughts on “Nobody Calls (#2)

      1. It was a brilliant joke. I said ‘what comment’ because I’d already forgotten it. It was pretty much the funniest thing ever. Do you see? Guess I’ll have to cry myself to sleep then….(by the way, longish story alert in fifteen…you have been warned….read that and then weep!)

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