All the Gecko’s Fault

He got it wrong right from the gecko.  They were treating him like a bowl in a china shop, literally, though he felt more like an escaped goat.  It was a mute point but from now on he was going to do all he could to guarantee himself some restbite.


9 thoughts on “All the Gecko’s Fault

  1. Hahaha, love this! Especially as it’s the sort of thing the children in my class would come out with. It’s not their fault, a bowl in a china shop makes so much more sense!

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    1. Oh yes – and “literally” always makes me laugh and luckily for me it’s misused this way all the time, as in a particular charity in central London is “literally” a lighthouse for children in need! Really? You quite sure about that? Is that what they need right now? Could the money not be better spent? It’s just, well, the sea…it’s not often their biggest concern around here…..

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      1. Oh I’m such a fan of nit-picking over the use of ‘literally’! That makes the charity seem a little creepy – like some kind of pied piper, drawing the children in…😕

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