Scared Off

She had tattoos in places I’ve never even heard of and piercings that defied the laws of biology and physics.  When we eventually split up people were shocked.  But you two were so good together, they said.  Er no, I explained to them.  She was good together.  Me?  Less so.


10 thoughts on “Scared Off

  1. Naturally, it’s where I can’t see it. Though once, at work (casual Friday, in jeans), I was on hands and knees stretching to retrieve something under my desk and my boss announced a glimpse of it…

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    1. Ha! Ah those pesky, leering bosses…couldn’t trust ’em…..that whole hidden agenda around casual Friday….one minute you’re wearing jeans….the next, you’re not – at least, that’s the plan…I’ve seen it all before, my catty friend, I’ve seen it ALL before…….

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