Cleaning with Attitude

Whenever Martha is angry with Mark she tends to tidy up with attitude, aggressively dusting and wiping her way around him.  Mark remains on guard: it’s only a matter of time, he reckons, before she tries scooping him up into a bin liner and then bunging him in the recycling.


8 thoughts on “Cleaning with Attitude

    1. Ah thanks very much Shannon! Thanks so much for dropping by. I’ve followed you back – congratulations on completing your second novel. If you ever need it boiled down to fifty words, let me know….best wishes, Nick

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  1. I laughed at this because I can relate. Found your blog via The Awkward Boyfriends blog. You know, it never occurred to me to prescribe a word count for a blog post. Mine would have to be more than 50 words–I’m rather long winded. ☺

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