Albert learns that not all of his hilarious jokes are entirely original

One of Albert’s colleagues, Eileen, is being a little slow at the photocopier.  Come on Eileen, he says, before remembering the song.  Hey, come on Eileen, Albert repeats, chuckling to himself.  Until the look on Eileen’s face tells him that perhaps this isn’t the first time she’s heard this one.


26 thoughts on “Albert learns that not all of his hilarious jokes are entirely original

  1. I found this at least 7.9% funnier than I should have. I’m hoping compound interest doesn’t apply to laughter otherwise by lunchtime I will have spontaneously chucklebusted or indeed guffawed into flames. A fine start to my Friday 🙂

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  2. What I wish to know is whether you dream in 50-word instalments, and whether the referendum answered one of your questions from the 11-questions questionnaire, and whether you know that this sentence has exactly 50 words if you count hyphened words as one word, or not, or not, or not.


    1. Big questions. I dream in endless Proustian sentences; I’m really saddened by the referendum result; and I think you’ve totally cheated to achieve the elusive word count – but, because it’s you and you’re so very kind, I shall choose, on this occasion, to forgive you…..Nx

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      1. It leaves a really nasty taste – the quality of the debate was rubbish on both sides and played to everyone’s fears. We’re children who have got burnt playing with fire….heavy sigh….I feel very European and ill at ease today. I’m going to activate my Irish passport now….

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