When in Rome

Last summer, when driving in Rome, I became very excited when I saw another English car.  And then I thought, ‘How strange: if I saw the same car in London I’d not be excited at all.’

And it’s the same with us, I’ve come to realize.  We met too closely.  If we’d met on some other planet, for example, we still have so much still to discuss.

“The press of sunshine on your face?” I’d ask you.  “You remember that?  And how about the hiss and shush of waves through shingle?”

I could even sneak you a small stone from the mother planet.  And you could smile your smile.


24 thoughts on “When in Rome

  1. Sigh…and it would be happily ever after…until there’s a new planet discovered. Then what was new is now old and so we seek better things to explore…like Australia.

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      1. I was amazed too – for many it’s a symbol of crazy driving but to me it’s an everything-goes laissez-faire mode. They let you do everything with passive aggressiveness known from home, you just have to do your move not too suddenly. Other than that the traffic runs smoothly, slickly and elegantly. Kind of like the people.

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      2. Brilliant summary – my only scary moment of driving in Italy was once having to follow someone in Milan: his last minute decisions about lane changes were hard to follow in the heavy traffic! That was a drive I’ll not forget in a hurry….

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  2. Oh – I wished to write “without passive aggressiveness known from home.” In case it wasn’t clear. I often drive from home to amore’s dad home in Roma, and I’ve memorised all the turns. This is the only trip I dare to take alone in the car (with the overexcited dog). Yet. The first time I got terribly lost and had no satnav and he had to come and rescue me. Following another car would be a whole new thing.

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