The Cool Mermaids

I’ve been misled.  I’ve been staring out to sea for years waiting to land one of those mermaids pining for dry land.  Such an arrogant assumption!  In fact, any mermaid with a taste for adventure heads south, hanging out with those rugged humpbank anglerfish types in the deep, deep ocean.


15 thoughts on “The Cool Mermaids

  1. I am always fascinated by mythical creatures in particular the lure of the haunting songs of Mermaids. It is the lamenting tones from gently voices coming through the eerie mist, that drive me impulsively wanting to dash into the frothing waves and bring one home. But then i am at the last moment (the water is really cold) common sense prevails, after all -what would she eat?

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    1. Thanks Raili. Interestingly, it’s run into some controversy over the ‘find your “real” parent for happiness’ plotline – it apparently causes some difficulties for those who’ve been adopted and fostered. I’ve not seen it yet so I don’t actually have an opinion but thought you might be interested given the adoption post on your blog…..

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      1. Well, I never! I guess no accounting for how people experienced animated movies. I loved it. The thought never occurred to me to even link it to that. And here I am with two adopted kids! In fact, I doubt it would have occurred to either of them. Must ask.

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      2. Adults, I find, sometimes have a tendency to interpret children’s stories in ways that were never meant to be. I can remember in Finland years ago, they banned Donald Duck cartoons because he was in a defacto relationship with Daisy, didn’t wear trousers, and was bringing up children in this heinously corrupt immoral environment. How embarrassing is all I can say!

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