I’m back – and I’ve won something (nearly!)

Greetings you very kind supporters.  I’m now back from Norway and hope to be back to posting regularly in September.  I’ve had a heart to heart with Albert and we seem to have reached an understanding.

First off, a little news.

I’m not very organised in terms of sending my stuff anywhere so I was really pleased that my recent, rare venture into a short story competition has resulted in being given second place. This one had a 1000 word limit, but there are also longer short story competitions and competitions for the start of a novel.  The link, if you’re interested, is below.

Exeter Short Story Competition

Although it’s based in the UK, there is no geographical restriction.  The Creative Writing Matters website runs lots of competitions and it’s quite fun to have the whole longlist, shortlist, winners announced thing going on. What makes it particularly encouraging is that, if you’re picked, you get a financial prize (always nice, if not quite enough to give up the day job!) and an offer to be in their published anthology.

Thanks, as ever, for your encouragement and support.  Sorry if this seems a little boastful – I just thought you’d like to know, and perhaps it offers some encouragement to others.

All best wishes,





37 thoughts on “I’m back – and I’ve won something (nearly!)

  1. I just checked your blog literally minutes before your post, thinking maybe you’d posted something and I missed it..because I’ve missed you! Second place is thrilling! Congrats! Glad you had safe travels and I look forward to seeing you back around. Kiss Albert for me!

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