Tempus Fugit (a verbal doodle)

Well, since you ask, it was my mother who shoved me off.  Or at least – she was the one who gave me the final push.  I’m pretty sure she meant it in a caring way.  So here I am, falling upon falling upon falling.  And to be frank, I had expected to hit the ground way before now.  It’s all passing me by very quickly, I know that much.

And well, yes, obviously I know the ground is fast approaching.  I just don’t like to think about it too much.  And yes, yes, I’ve tried halting the fall, or even reversing it, but it seems that’s just not an option.  That’s not part of the deal on offer.  Panic or meditate, it makes no difference at all: down and down I fall, regardless.

But hey, don’t feel sad for me.  It’s not so bad, this falling malarkey.  I’m still pleased I’ve taken the plunge.  All things considered.  It’s just a shame about the whole ground thing.


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