The Very Bad Person (101 words)

‘I’m running late,’ she said to her boss.

‘What time do you call this?’ he said, pretending to be annoyed.

‘I’ll be there in ten.’

‘Well it’s simply not good enough,’ he joked.  ‘Just come in to clear your desk.’

‘You are going to feel so, so bad when I tell you why I’m running late.’

‘So try me.’

‘My Dad’s died.’

He paused.  ‘Helen, didn’t your father die five years ago?’

‘Fair point.  Although to be fair, grieving is a process not an event.’

‘You do know you’re an extremely bad person.’

‘Accepted.  Want a nice coffee?’

‘Double espresso.’



14 thoughts on “The Very Bad Person (101 words)

  1. I’ve really got that Monday feeling and I’m retired!!! But I just popped in to find this story which has cheered me up no end. Very cheeky and I wish I could have thought as quick as that when late for work. Thanks for making the day a bit smilier.
    I’m a very new blogger and still finding my way round so hope to catch up with everyone soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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