The Plan that Cares

“Looked after children deserve the best experiences in life, from excellent parenting which promotes good health and educational attainment, to a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents and skills in order to have an enjoyable childhood and successful adult life.”   (Paragraph 1.1 of The Children Act 1989 guidance and regulations Volume 2: care planning, placement and case review June 2015)

Lucy phones her new social worker out of the blue.  Lucy is only seven but she’s already been through six foster homes.  It’s quite a thing for her to navigate the switchboard and administrators all by herself to finally reach her social worker.

‘Hi Lucy,’ her social worker says, genuinely excited to hear from one of her favourite children.  ‘And how are you today Lucy?’

Lucy pauses.  ‘I was just wondering,’ Lucy says. ‘You know Friday?’

‘Yes,’ her social worker replies.

‘Is that when I’m going to meet my new owners?’


6 thoughts on “The Plan that Cares

    1. In my day job I’m in touch with some colleagues in Australia, sharing some of the theories and practice we’ve developed the UK. The system is so very far from acceptable here though! If the children had a voice it would be front page news every single day until something was done.

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