A Little Piece in the first issue of The Drabble Quarterly

Although the Drabble’s editors very politely asked to feature one of my stories, I managed to miss this e-zine coming out.


Here’s the link  The Drabble Quarterly Volume 1 Issue 1

DQ V1 I1 cover

Anyway, it’s really nice to learn a little more about the editors of The Drabble, who are always very supportive and encouraging.  My short piece ‘A Fresh Angle’ is included.

There’s a little biography of all the featured writers if, like me, you’re feeling nosy.

I hope you enjoy this finely produced e-zine.



5 thoughts on “A Little Piece in the first issue of The Drabble Quarterly

  1. I’ve read this collection before and it’s highly inspirational. So far, I have written a book of 70 drabbles for my father’s 70 (in Slovenian), and a few individual drabbles (in English) which I’m quite fond of. I seem to prefer the precisely 100-word format without ominous undertones (that some seem to connect with this form). I think I’ll start posting mine on my blog (again, most of them appeared on my first blog already) and write some more. Doing it fulfils my need for boundaries which somehow always seem to be lacking. 🙂 As always, thank you and all other authors for the inspiration.

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