I finally met my soulmate yesterday.

I was really looking forward to it.  ‘How’s it going?’ I asked her.

‘If you were really my soulmate you wouldn’t have to ask.’

‘No, no, I was just trying to be polite.’

‘Since when was it polite to pretend you don’t know the answer to a question you’re asking?’

‘Hey, no, wait,’ I said. ‘You don’t understand me.’

‘I understand you too well,’ she said. ‘That, my friend, is the problem.’

And off she went.  With her beautiful eyes.

So – as I was saying –  I met my soulmate yesterday.

And it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Perhaps I aimed too high: the soul was probably too ambitious a currency.

Perhaps I should have gone for a hand mate. Or a foot mate.

Toenail mate anyone?


16 thoughts on “Soulmates

      1. Hi Nick, you’re welcome. I did notice that, I felt to mention it would have been rude on my part, although not as rude as she was! Good thing she took her beautiful eyes and left, otherwise there would have been much more heartache down the road.

        Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope your day has been wonderful so far.

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      2. I think a soulmate is a dangerous concept that I have fallen into much too often! Not sure if I’d want a toenail mate as my toes don’t look great at the moment but I think a hand mate or maybe even a brain mate would be better than a soul mate!

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