Because opinions, like tea, are more fun when strong

Martha and Mark are watching the tv news together.  The anchorman asks the reporter to explain the relationship between the product cost and the price that’s charged to customers.  ‘Exactly,’ the reporter responds before going on.

‘Don’t just say exactly!’ Martha shouts at the tv.  ‘How can you say exactly in response to that?  That was a question, you idiot!  Answer the question why don’t you?  Oh I despair of the standard of journalism these days….’

Where, Mark wonders, sipping his tea quietly, does she find the energy or the inclination to have so many opinions on so many things?


21 thoughts on “Because opinions, like tea, are more fun when strong

      1. Well so maybe it was a koala who told. But he seemed very reliable, if a little sleepy. He was also very picky about what he wanted to eat, which got on my nerves a bit. I’ll guess I’ll have to think of him as an unreliable witness…..

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  1. Yea, I get frustrated when I shout at the presenters/politicians, and whoever on the TV screen. No one ever listens to me. I switch the box off go for a walk and eat an apple – It helps, I no longer feel responsible for their idiotic comments.

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