Breaking the News

Excuse me, yes, sorry.  I wonder if I might have a quick word.  Yes, you see, well I’ve just sat through a whole day of your training and it seems to me – if you don’t me saying so – that someone must have told you a few years ago that you are actually very funny.  You know, that those jokes you keep cracking are actually good.  Well, no, the thing is, I’ve been asked by the whole group to tell you that whoever it was that told you that you were funny…well, they were actually lying.  Because all your jokes are in fact crap and – there’s no easy way to say this – you’re not actually funny at all.  In fact – I hope you won’t think me blunt – you’re a tad on the dull side.

You looked shocked.  I can understand that.

I know, yes, they volunteered me to break the news to you.  Oh, only because I’m the most sensitive person in the whole group.  No, I really am.  I was told that many years ago by my mother.  I’m incredibly sensitive apparently.


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