Albert learns that even Jeffrey is occasionally right

Albert is asked to sing a solo in the choir.  At first, he says, ‘No, I’m more of a team player.’  Then he reconsiders.  ‘I should take some chances in life,’ he thinks.  ‘I’m too timid.’  At the next rehearsal he tells the music director, ‘I will do the solo, if that’s okay.’  The music director is delighted.

Albert’s friend, Jeffrey, asks him why he’s looking for more stress in his life. ‘You’ve already got a stressful job, Albert,’ he says. ‘Why go looking for more hassle?’

‘It’s not more stress,’ Albert says.  ‘It’s something non-work to look forward to.’

But that night he wakes up at 3am in the morning in the middle of complicated dream about how he’s not rehearsed enough and the concert has been moved forward three weeks and nobody has told him and there’s a diminished rising interval he just can’t get right in the rehearsal and everyone’s smirking at his terrible singing and there’s nowhere to practice before the concert begins…He sits up in bed, sweating.

‘Bog,’ Albert says to the universe.  Because Albert really hates it when his friend Jeffrey is right.


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