The Most Terrifying yet True Story Ever Told (Halloween Special)

The wise, old storyteller sat all the young people down around him in a circle to tell them the most horrifying story ever told.

“There was once this woman,” he began.  “And she lived for a while.  And she had a couple of children.  And then, before she’d done half the things she meant to do with her life, she found she was old.  And then,” he said, lowering his voice and speaking more slowly to maximize the impact of the ending, “she died.  And experienced complete oblivion for all eternity.  And after a few years it was as if she’d never existed at all.”

“But that’s not a proper ending,” one of the young people protested. “You said it was going to be terrifying.  Where are all the zombies?  Where are the ghosts? Just dying – that’s a really crap and miserable ending.”

“Exactly,” the storyteller said.


15 thoughts on “The Most Terrifying yet True Story Ever Told (Halloween Special)

    1. Oh I don’t know – I think we just make these more exciting things up to avoid the bleak, almost bland, truth. But that’s probably just me…but we don’t actually know…which is I guess what makes everything so fascinating…..

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      1. Reading about/watching a fictional character get gobbled up by a monster (and other such fascinating events) gives a person adequate excitement without the excruciating pain. Do you think Albert would agree that the truth is bland?

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