US Election Special – News just in

“Tree rats!” my grandmother would shout, suddenly up and away to chase after the squirrels on the lawn.  And the squirrels would cheerfully sprint back up into the branches.

“They’re vermin,” she explained, groaning and arching her aching back.

“Are they?”  I replied.  “They look like squirrels to me, Grandma.”


9 thoughts on “US Election Special – News just in

    1. Good point. As an aside, I had a hamster once called Lucky. My aunt looked after it while I was away for a week or so. It died in her care and, kind soul that she was, she replaced with a hamster that, regrettably, looked nothing like Lucky. Upon returning from my break, I rushed in to see my hamster, lifted up the imposter and wailed,’that’s not lucky.’ Which was true in a number of different ways. I was twenty-four at the time – kidding!

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  1. Oh definitely. But where oh where would we find such a person? Where could they be? I mean, I know there are a few people who knock up a quick family tree and somehow IMAGINE they’re royal in some way….but, you know….for the real deal….well…..I wouldn’t know where to start……


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