A Last Minute Change of Plan

The gourami swam around the aquarium feeling bored.  Until recently, there’d been a couple of stubborn neon tetras and an angel fish to chase around.  But a spot of white spot eventually put paid to them.  So now the gourami was alone.  And the gourami was bored.  So bored.

One morning, the man with the flakes accidentally left the lid to the aquarium open while changing the light bulb.  Great, the gourami concluded, finally I get the chance to do some exploring!  But his discoveries upon jumping out of the aquarium were a tad disappointing. For example, he discovered a notable absence of water and soon found himself flapping about on the carpet.

He didn’t last long: just long enough, in fact, to stare up at the ceiling with one disappointed eye and recalibrate his dislike of loneliness.


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