Fast Forward (a life in fifty words)

First she wanted friends. Then to be older. Then money.

Next it was sex, eventually love. Then pets. After that, children.

Then she wanted more money. Then some friends again. And to look younger.

And then just time. Just a little more time. But by then her time was up.


21 thoughts on “Fast Forward (a life in fifty words)

  1. Delicate, because there is not one word too many, but harrowing, because of it’s grim message. Delicate and harrowing. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too pretentious.

    Enjoyed it, anyway.

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  2. This is such a clever and poignant piece of writing Nick – I think you’ve perfectly captured something in a few words that some people waste 20,000 on trying to get across. Really excellent stuff.

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      1. Imagine that…the slow silent uprising of the AFKANs (Artists Formerly Known As Nicholas). That’s a story right there. It’s a pleasure – am enjoying reading your work.

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