Urgent Question: Why exactly DID the chicken cross the road?

I need answers.

Was she looking for a fresh start?  Was she escaping from a confusing relationship? Or yearning for greater acceptance?

Did she weigh it all up? Or was this a case of – there’s a road, let’s do this thing?

I am, you see, in a similar position myself.


19 thoughts on “Urgent Question: Why exactly DID the chicken cross the road?

  1. It’s a myth, the chicken never crossed the road. The traveler saw the chicken on his righthand side of the road, and on his return journey saw the chicken on his lefthand side and thought the chicken had crossed the road. You see he didn’t know his right from his left. It’s all a myth.

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      1. Another myth. Clearly in the sentence-“Which came first-the chicken or the egg?” The answer is ‘the chicken’. But!
        If we write- “Which came first- the egg or the chicken?” The answer is “the egg”. Well, I am dealing with literature , if you want a scientific answer then we need an experiment to determine in which order along the evolution of the DNA chain that chicken soup appears.

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  2. I studied chicken behaviour extensively a few years back when a staff member thought she spied a foghorn leghorn in the car park. What became abundantly clear is that the chicken crossed the road for a confusingly huge number of different reasons. There are so many variables it is impossible to even begin to understand chicken behaviour. Either that or they are just victims of chicken brain !

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  3. I just want to live in a world where my chickens motives aren’t questioned. Although I am quite sure that one of my hens actually sat in the middle of the road after laying her first egg. It was obviously a suicide attempt….true story!

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    1. Ha! Well, my diagnosis is that this is a chicken variant of post-partum psychosis rather than a genuine attempt to end it all. I see a lot of such chickens in my specialist clinics on Tuesdays…..I am happy to negotiate a reasonable fee for a consultation with your middle of the road chicken if that assists. They call me the chicken whisperer round these parts….

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