A Small Following


After two years they ran into what he termed significant relationship difficulties. They applied geographical solutions to non-geographical problems.

They moved to London.  They moved to Truro.  They even tried Dublin.  But wherever they went they were still them.

For example, he still had that ponytail.  It followed him everywhere.


20 thoughts on “A Small Following

      1. Sorry I’ve been off air for a few weeks – without air is worse.
        Plan C… Aim; to be free of the stalking pony tale. Solution; go to Paris for some romance, climb the eiffel tower and wait to see who jumps first -in the will leave the pony tale to the charity – Bald Men need Love.
        Freedom always comes at a cost.
        Alternatively, cut the tie cord and live a loose life.
        Clearly I would be useless at Agony Aunt stuff, when I feel down I go and feed bread to the ducks at the local pond – this way I feel I am making a contribution to the cycle of life.

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