Blue Sky Thinking


The new chief executive launched her strikingly bold strategy.  Look, she said, I know the stuff we’ve spent all day discussing is wholly irrelevant to the lives of anyone on the planet but we need to pretend it actually matters.  That way, she continued, we can give ourselves the illusion of significance. Otherwise we’ll have nothing to distract us from the complete oblivion awaiting us in just a few short months.

Excellent plan, they all agreed, nodding to each other.


7 thoughts on “Blue Sky Thinking

    1. Presumably. I hate those kind of meetings. I hate being bored and I hate fake strategic stuff and managementy rubbish. That’s why I work in a small organisation now – which means I have to do nearly everything but also means I don’t have spend hours explaining how I’m going to do it! It’s a far more benign type of stress!!

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