An Einsteinian Dismissal of Character

Mark offered to pick Martha up from the office.

‘I’ll be there at six,’ Mark confidently predicted.

But he put the wrong postcode into his satnav and turned up twenty minutes late.

‘You are a complete waste of both space and time,’ Martha ranted at him when he finally arrived.


10 thoughts on “An Einsteinian Dismissal of Character

    1. Oh this happened to me – and I thought it was so funny. There is something funny about being so comprehensively diminished! That may well just be me…I find too much funny. It’s a character flaw….


      1. A true story?! I find it odd when people feel compelled to lash out like that. Under the same circumstances, I might have laughed too. I might also have been tempted to drive off without her. It’s a different character flaw…

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      2. Oh being amused is annoying enough in response to someone’s rage. It’s far better as a comeback than driving off! Your trip looks grand – sorry I’ve not been leaving my mark on your blog. I have very much enjoyed your recent flurry of posts…..

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