It’s all about me. No, it really is.

1362317352260This is a blog of fifty word stories.  I started off posting each and every day but now I’m a little less prolific, partly because I’m trying to write some longer things. Occasionally, I stray beyond the fifty word limit on this blog as well, but not too often. Do feel free to message me – I always read my messages and comments and respond when I can think of something to say – and I’m really very happy to be emailed at

I don’t send my stuff out there much because of the rather busy day job saving the world but I have been lucky enough to be included in an anthology of The Creative Writing Matter’s prize winning stories for 2016 which you can purchase here  (Kindle version for just £2.99) and here (paperback), The Drabble’s first quarterly anthology  (free to download here) and the very first issue of The Firefly Magazine (free to download here).

Oh yes, one more thing: I’m sorry about Albert. I just am.

I hope you enjoy my little stories.  Thanks for your support,

Nick x

33 thoughts on “It’s all about me. No, it really is.

  1. Hi Nick! Thank you for following me, which led me to here 🙂 I’m just getting familiar to 100-word story. Here you are with 50! I’ve done maybe one 50-word story, and am keen to read more of your posts. Happy New Year!


  2. Hey Nick, thanks for visiting my blog..its nice to meet you..I havn’t been able to drum up steam for longer words too so I’ve grown to love short stories..I think your blog is amazing!
    Well Done!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much – that means a lot, probably more than you realize. I’m going to try to write things which are a little longer….er…one day. But I seem to like removing words almost as much as adding them. I’m not sure this is a good thing, but I’m not fighting it at the moment! All best wishes, Nick

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  3. Hi Nick! I must say you have quite a talent, in just few words your blog posts truly are fascinating! I look forward to reading more of your posts dear friend! – Cezane

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    1. Thanks – I’m really, really busy so I’ve not had much time to digest or fully understand this but THANKS so much! Really. I’ll respond appropriately later this week. You are so very kind and supportive. Also nice to get a positive message from Europe! All best wishes, Nick xx

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