An Einsteinian Dismissal of Character

Mark offered to pick Martha up from the office.

‘I’ll be there at six,’ Mark confidently predicted.

But he put the wrong postcode into his satnav and turned up twenty minutes late.

‘You are a complete waste of both space and time,’ Martha ranted at him when he finally arrived.

Albert learns that sometimes people have to work at taking offence

Albert accidentally brushes against a man in the corridor.

‘For goodness’ sake,’ the man complains, tutting loudly at Albert and giving him a cold stare.

And Albert realises something he should have worked out years ago: sometimes offence is something you actively have to take.  It doesn’t just arrive, unbidden.

Wrong time, wrong place….


We met too locally.

Had we met on a distant planet we’d have so much still to recall.

The press of sunshine on your face – remember that?  The hiss and shush of waves through shingle?

I’d sneak you a chocolate bar from the mother planet.

And you’d smile your smile.


Albert learns the he’s not helping the police with their enquiries all that much

The policeman wanted more detail.

“You sure there’s nothing else you can tell me about the man’s appearance?”

“Well,” Albert said, “he had the kind of face that implied things hadn’t always worked out well for him: defeated yet somehow stoical.”

The policeman sighed and gave him a despairing look.

Spoilt for Choice

Through some cunning ‘look but don’t touch’ arrangements I can pretty much track down any music or writing in the known universe.  Now, finally, I can get exactly what I want when I want.  No more compromises are required.

So why can I no longer finish any book I’ve started?